Frequently Asked Questions

It is commonly suggested that we should drink about 8 glasses of water per day. Green Coffee has a detoxing effect so you will need to increase your daily water intake to help flush those toxins.
Yes, we offer international shipping using Australia Post (Air). We recommend that you select the insured option. Our internationally customers do not pay Australian GST (Goods and Services Tax). However any customs and duties that you encounter along the way are beyond our control.
No! If under any medications consult your health care professional before starting any weight loss program. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Yes, although you may not feel the need to drink as much coffee as you were previously
We were the first exclusive importer and distributor of original Leptin products in Australia. All our products are 100% authentic and carry an original label.

You can purchase our products online using this website and paypal, or your credit card using paypal. If you are not confident in online shopping we can alternatively take your credit card details over the phone and process your other that way. We also accept bank transfer, cheque or money order however there is a delay when ordering this way as we are unable to send any products until we have received your payment. All our goods are dispatched upon receipt of payment so you should generally receive your products within a few working days.

Most people are amazed with their results, however a healthy diet and exercise will definitely enhance your results.
Green Coffee is a 100% natural antioxidant that protects the body from free radicals that are associated with cancer, heart disease, arteriosclerosis and accelerated ageing. It safely suppresses appetite and helps the body to burn stored fat and convert it into energy. It increases desire to drink more water and decreases hunger cravings encouraging you to start eating smaller, healthier meals and living a healthier lifestyle.
No! If you are drinking Green Coffee 800 or Green Coffee Pure Black please only take one before or after breakfast. If you are drinking Slimming Green Tea please only take one before breakfast. If you are drinking Slimming Cocoa you may take one at any time during the day as it does not contain caffeine. Please only take one or two plums a week if you are drinking Green Coffee 800 or Green Coffee Pure Black and are experiencing constipation problems due to release of toxins from body fat.


We are are an importer, exporter, wholesaler and distributor and will provide full support to the retailer willing to sell our products. Typical businesses that stock our products are beauty and hair salons, Health centres and Spas, Fitness centres, Health food stores, Cosmetic surgeries etc... Please contact us for further information.